grass·roots – [gráss roots]

  1. ordinary people: the ordinary people in a community or the ordinary members of an organization, as opposed to the leadership
  2. basis of something: the origin, basis, fundamental aim, or basic meaning of something

Grassroots Partners, LLC was formed to ensure that those who believe in limited government, individual rights, and the values of America’s founding documents, would have the tools needed to compete and win in the marketplace of ideas.

Whether the battlefield is a polling place or the halls of the State Legislature, we help our clients triumph.

We have made our reputation by winning the long shot contests, electing those who were not supposed to have a chance, and upsetting the establishment’s long-held grip on power. Today, Arizona is a better place for it.  What were once considered “right-wing” concepts like cutting spending (instead of raising taxes), protecting life, restoring our Constitutional rights (especially our 2nd Amendment rights), lowering taxes, and protecting fundamental property and health care rights, are now mainstream positions in Arizona.

We have gotten dozens of quality candidates elected to positions up and down the ballot.  And we have championed conservative legislation at the State Capitol as well.  How can we help you make Arizona a better state today?